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return and refund policy
The return of physical products will be allowed in case of damage caused by poor handling by transport, once confirmed that the product has been damaged, the purchaser may choose to devote or exchange the original product,
Due to defects caused by the manufacture of the product, it will not be allowed to return, the purchaser may choose to exchange the product from the same or similar source, or activate the requirements specified by the manufacturer.
Digital products will not have the same formality for returning physical products, as delivery is made digitally, with no reason to return, if in case the buyer chooses not to adhere to the product, he can request a refund of the amount paid, within the deadline and rules stipulated by the supplier.
The return or refund will be in accordance with the warranty period, depending on the characteristics of each product specified by the supplier.
Upon the return of each product, the purchaser and supplier may enter into full agreement for the return to be made and thus be in conformity for both parties.
And giving our policy of delivery and return for the purpose, henceforth to the forum of MARKTING DIGITAL always preserving the right of the consumer before the law of the consumer code.

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